7 Places to Find Statistics for Infographics


statisticsI’m sure you’ve heard that infographics are all the rage, especially on Pinterest. Below is a list of 14 places where you can search out statistics on your topics in order to create an infographic.

1. Numberof – find the number of jelly beans in a jar (930 in a gallon jar).

2. Knoema – charts and graphs visualized for data

3. Google Public Data – charts on front page relate to what is currently trending

4. Gallup – continuously updated data

5. DataMarket – DataMarket brings complex and diverse data together so you can search, visualize and share data in one place and one format.

6. NationMaster – graph format

7. SciVerse – Database of scientific articles

If you know of other statistical sites, please share a link in the comments below.

Now that you know where to get your statistics for whatever topic you’re working on, you might try this easy-to-use infographics program.

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