Calendar Options for Your iPad



On the calendar front, boy, does the iPad have you covered!

  • Calendar. (Included on your iPad by default.) The basic Calendar app is a super-cool journal-look calendar, to which you can easily add recurring or standalone appointments. View it as a day, week, month, or list, and interface with your desktop.

There are other options if you prefer a more specialized calendar:

  • CalenGoo ($6.99) The best feature of this app is that it syncs with your Google Calendar – and it looks just like your Google Calendar screen, too. Includes an integrated task list called Google Tasks; tasks with due dates are automatically displayed on your calendar. They’ve really done a nice job on this. It can be used when you don’t have an internet connection, as well. (For instance, if you’re not near a Wi-Fi hot spot.) The changes you make to your calendar will upload the next time you’re connected to the internet.
  • PocketInformant ($12.99) This app is more calendar than most people need. But if you like to be organized to a “T,” check it out. You can tag events, group tasks, send appointment meeting requests, set icons for events and tasks, and filter and search your calendar and tasks – as well as perform all the ordinary calendar functions.

As with any App (or software program, for that matter), figure out what you need your program to do before you go buy one. Don’t assume you “need” the biggest and best, when the default free version might do everything you need in a simple and easy-to-use manner.

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