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Misplaced your Cell Phone?

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We all misplace our keys or wallet now and then. In the same way, we’ve all hunted for a misplaced cell phone. The easiest way to find a cell phone, of course, is to call it. You follow the ring to find it in a couch cushion or in another room.

That’s getting harder to do. So many of us have abandoned landlines and rely solely on a cell phone for communicating. If no one else is there and you have only one cell phone, it can seem that you are out of luck. But you aren’t!

Make a quick online visit to WheresMyCellPhone. Enter your number, and your mobile will begin ringing. It’s just the helping hand you need!

The site does not share or store your phone number. You can, however, block your number if you decide not to use the site anymore. Just click “Stop Calling!” located at the bottom of the page. If someone enters your number for any reason, your phone won’t ring.

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