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Glare on Your iPad?

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All tablets use LCD screens for which poor visibility in bright light is a typical problem. Ambient light overpowers the LED backlight. The screen can look totally black and this creates excessive glare.

What to do? First, increase the screen brightness. To do this, open the Settings app, tap on Brightness & Wallpaper, then drag the slider bar on the right as far right as possible. This should make the screen brighter. Be aware that this will drain your battery faster; only have it this high when in a bright space. When you’re back in dimmer lighting, lower the brightness. This will make it better for reading outside.

Another option is to try angling the way you hold the iPad when reading. This might help ease the glare. You can try using an anti-glare screen protector made for the iPad 2.

Of course, you should also experiment with how you hold your iPad. A simple change in angle can make it much easier to read in bright situations.

Next time I’ll give you some info on security for your iPad.

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