8 Tips on How to Create New Content in Under 30 Minutes a Day



Transcription – A Solution to New Content

Create new content with transcription. Here are some ideas I think you’ll find helpful:

1. Transcribe case studies and testimonials to use on your Facebook page and other marketing products.

2. Dictate work processes to instruct your assistants and/or affiliates and then have it transcribed for their use.

3. If you have recorded lectures, podcasts, hangouts, and/or public speaking engagements, you can easily create articles, reports, ebooks, ecourses, and instructional materials from them. You could even create an instructional course and sell it on

4. If you produce seminars, teleseminars or webinars, you can create content from the Q&A time to use on your website (FAQ). You could also take photos of you making a presentation and put it on one of your Pinterest boards.

5. Any video product or software demonstration can be transcribed into a review post for your blog or a how-to paper.

6. Create ebooks from webinars to sell or as freemiums on your web site to build your email list. Self-publish and sell physical print books, DVDs, CDs, video downloads, and MP3s on-demand on using CreateSpace.

7. Go global! Translate your content into other languages.

8. A slideshow can be created by transcribing an event and then publishing it on

If you need help with your transcription, contact me at – I’d be happy to help.



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