Easily Create Animated and Whiteboard Videos FAST!


You know those cool looking hand drawn videos where a hand sketches images and text onto the screen? This software creates the same type of videos out of ANY images or graphics on your computer (or choose from the huge library of built-in images). Add voiceover, sounds or background music. Hit build and the “sketch” video is automatically created! Put these videos on your blog, website, YouTube, etc.

You can check out the demo video right here:  << Easy Sketch >>

This animation style reminds us of our childhood–when we drew and played and everything was fun and easy.

These animations help you get your point across in a non-threatening way.

As you will see at this site, it has greatly increased conversion rates for some people. << Easy Sketch >>

For a limited time, this software is ONLY $39! It will eventually be priced at $147.

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