Email Inbox Out of Control?


I recently came across a great new service called Sanebox. It looked so good I immediately signed up and wanted to tell you about it

SaneBox is a service that classifies and controls the destination of your incoming email. Instead of everything going to your Inbox, SaneBox sorts out the important messages and sends them to your Inbox. All of your other emails are moved to your new “SaneLater” folder so you can deal with them when it’s more convenient. Once a day, or more often, the system sends you a summary of everything that has happened in your account so you won’t miss anything important.

I am currently using their 14-day free trial and after that the choices range from $2-20 per month depending on any options you want. Some options include: connecting up to three email accounts, automatically unsubscribing you upon your request, saving attachments elsewhere to save storage space in your email account, reminders when your emails have not been responded to, and customizable defer folders so email returns to you on the schedule you want. There is another option where you can connect your social media accounts to Sanebox.

The Sane box system works on a “smart” algorithm and can be trained if you don’t like how it sorts your email. The training process is a one-click system.

I recently received an email from Sanebox saying I saved 3.1 hours this week because I didn’t have to search through hundreds of emails to get to my important ones. I’m sure you can see how you’ll save time with this system and we all know Time is Money!

Give Sanebox a try if your inbox is OUT OF CONTROL!!!



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