More Free Apps for Your iPad


As promised, here are some more great FREE apps for your iPad:

  • Feeddler RSS Reader for iPad. If you’re already used to reading RSS feeds in Google Reader, now you can access your account from your iPad. Fast and highly customizable, you’ll never be far away from your favorite internet marketing blogs again!


  • PaperDesk Lite for iPad. If you’re a multi-dimensional thinker, PaperDesk may be just what you’ve been looking for in order to keep track of your scribbles, typed words, and mumblings. You create notebooks with text, hand-drawn notes, and audio, and then you can email them to yourself as a PDF. This “lite” version restricts you to three pages per notebook.


  • Calculator for the iPad+. In the years that I’ve been out of school, I’ve forgotten all but the basics of math! No need to pull out the old algebra textbooks. I can handle nearly any mathematical need with my iPad+ calculator. In portrait orientation, it’s a simple calculator, but let me just turn the screen on its side, and I’ll be forcing even the most nasty differential equation into submission in no time!

My next post will offer some options for how to combat glare on your iPad!

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