The Best Free Apps for Your iPad


Isn’t it nice to know that there are plenty of goodies you can get for free on your iPad? Sure, often these are “lite” versions of a larger, more expensive program, but it’s an amazing way to test-drive the app for free before you invest a whopping $8.99 in something that may not work for you. After all, there are plenty of other things you can do with that $8.99 – like get two lattes from your favorite coffee shop.

All joking aside, here are some of the best small biz free apps I’ve found for the iPad. I haven’t included ones I’ve mentioned in previous sections, just to avoid repeating myself:

  • HootSuite Lite for Twitter. A scaled-down version of the paid version, HootSuite will have you tweeting and RTing to your heart’s delight. Send and schedule tweets and Facebook status updates, track clicks, and set up columns to manage custom searches. You can manage up to three accounts in the lite version.
  • Google Mobile. If you use any of Google’s office suite (Calendar, Docs, Maps, etc.) get Google Mobile to easily view and access the desired info. You’ll love the one-stop, one-click access.
  • Kindle for iPad. You know how every time you log into Amazon, it seems like the prices on their Kindles just keep dropping and dropping? Yeah, that’s because of the iPad. The iPad does everything the Kindle does (pretty much) but you don’t have to carry another device with you. All you have to do is download the free app and you’re ready to read that stack of business books that had been piling up on your bedside table. (If you prefer Barnes and Noble – grab the Nook app instead. You can read free in store.

I’ll have a few more apps for you in my next post.

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