How Much Time Do You Waste Managing Your Websites?


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Building a large empire of WordPress blogs is definitely a way to create a sustainable source of income. However, if you are looking for passive income, you may wonder: is it really that “passive?”

In order to be sure your sites are running smoothly, you have to keep WordPress, your theme and plugins upgraded, you have to approve or delete comments, and you have to run backups in case anything goes crazy with your sites.

The time spent on those unproductive tasks soon starts compounding as your empire grows.

Wouldn’t you like to have a system that helps you run all those tedious tasks with a few clicks of a button from one dashboard?

Fortunately, there is one. Let me introduce you to ManageWP, the central WordPress Management Dashboard.

With ManageWP, you can do all the tasks above with a few clicks of a mouse. It won’t take you more than a few minutes, no matter how many sites you own!

Not only that, you can even automate most of the tasks so that, once you set them up, you don’t even have to move a finger to have them run for you. You can schedule your backups to Amazon S3, Dropbox, your FTP and even have them delivered to you via e-mail. It also can monitor your site’s uptime and rankings, offering you comprehensive reports.

I recently started using ManageWP and it has saved me several hours already. Now I can focus on value-added tasks and spend my time on other important projects.

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