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Due to their increasing popularity, mobile gadgets like iPads are targets for hackers through use of malevolent applications (apps). Apps are programs for mobile gadgets and can harbor malware for stealing your user info. The best practice is purchase popular apps which are more likely to be legitimate. Follow the same safe practices as you do when on a computer: 1) be careful when on public Wi-Fi networks, 2) don’t enter personal information on unverified Websites and 3) don’t click on links in email or text messages unless you’re expecting them.

Supposedly you shouldn’t have to worry about getting apps from iTunes as Apple screens those prior to posting. But, it is still possible that your personal information could be accessed by hackers. Your best strategy is to purchase popular apps as they are more likely to be legitimate.

You might Google “iPad security” for more information on how to protect your iPad from thieves and how to find your iPad if it is stolen (http://www.simplehelp.net/2010/04/14/how-to-locate-your-ipad-if-its-lost-or-stolen/).

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