Market Your Biz in Just 30 Minutes a Day


Coaches, use this unique content to train yourself or become an instant expert and use it in your coaching business to work with and train your clients. These are also great for hosting your teleseminars, webinars, events, and workshops.

You get all the templates in .doc format so you can customize it as much (or as little) as you would like. For only $15, you get the following.

Tutorial Summary includes:

  • Marketing Strategies and How to Use Them
    • Social Media
    • Content Marketing
    • Customer Service
    • Your Website
    • Email Marketing/List Building
    • Mobile Marketing
    • Video Marketing
    • Word of Mouth Marketing
    • Ads
  • Marketing your Business in 30 Minutes Each Day
  • Conclusion

This Package Includes:

  • Report: How to Market Your Business in Just 30 Minutes a Day (19-pages, 4587 words)
  • 19 PowerPoint Slides Created from the Step-by-Step Tutorial to use for Your Presentations, Videos, and Webinars
  • 2 WordPress Plugins (personal use rights only)
    • Magic Widgets: Schedule Your Widgets to Promote Your Latest Product Automatically
    • Presto Promotions: The Set-it And Forget-it Plugin to Running Limited Time Promotions

Get it all here:  Market in 30




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