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If you’re interested in being a top earning Amazon Affiliate, you should check out the launch of AmaSuite 3.0 which is at a launch price of only $27 for the next 9 days (after that it will be $67).

For $27 you will receive a set of 10 Amazon training videos (on how to build Amazon websites for 2013 and beyond) + 4 separate software programs (3 desktop and 1 WP plugin).

AmaSuite 3.0 is a set of three desktop software Amazon research tools – Keyword Generator, Azon Product Inspector, Azon Top 100 Analyzer. Use the Keyword Generator to find niche ideas and domain names that have high natural traffic. Extract the top 100 products for ANY category on Amazon with the Top 100 Analyzer. Extract products from the entire Amazon site for any given keyword phrase with Azon Product Inspector (this tool is very useful for finding hidden affiliate gems on Amazon).

The fourth software tool is a WordPress plugin that allows you to more quickly create content for products you find using the three research tools. This plugin automatically creates blog posts and Amazon affiliate links from the products you find using the other tools.

All together these four software tools provide you with the ability to more quickly research and determine which products are worth promoting as an Amazon affiliate along with which niches you should move into.

The above alone is a great value but there are a couple OTOs (one-time offers). The first one is $47 and is called the AmaSuite WordPress bundle. It includes: 1) AmaTheme (custom WP theme), 2) AmaLinker (amazon link plugin), 3) BannerZon (banner ad plugin), and 4) BestsellerAzon (top products plugin).

The second OTO is a $1 trial of Boost WP membership for, I believe, one week, and then it costs $27 per month.

Remember, this pricing won’t last long.

Check it out today.

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