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Have you ever wished you could outsource your extra work at no cost? You can, through an internship and there is a training program to show you how to do just that – Outsource for Free.

By offering an unpaid internship program, you would take a new assistant under your wing, train them, mentor them, and give them real projects to work on so they can hone their skills.

After completion of your internship program, they will have more skills and experience that will make it much easier for them to get paying clients. Because you personally trained them to work in your business, you will have the opportunity to hire them to work with you.

Please understand you’ll be able to outsource tasks in your business for free while your unpaid intern is going through your training program, but it will require a lot of input and feedback on your part.

With Outsource for Free you’ll get a 6-step report, a checklist, 21 intern interview questions, and a 4 steps to internship flow chart.

Did I mention the cost for this is only $19 right now?

This is what the report contains:

How to Outsource Your Business for Free Through Internships

  • Introduction: How to Outsource Your Business for Free Through Internships
  • Step 1: Understanding Internships
  • Step 2: Planning Your Internship Program
  • Step 3: Finding the Right Intern – Preparation
  • Step 4: Finding the Right Intern – Asking and Advertising
  • Step 5: Interviewing and Hiring Interns
  • Step 6: Accountability and Responsibility
  • Wrap Up




If this sounds like something you’d like to implement, check it out before the price returns to $39.

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