10 Answers to your Podcast Questions


Feed or Rss icon 3D. Blog. Sphere witch audio headphones. IsolatDone correctly you can profit greatly by using podcasts in your business. Here are 10 frequently asked questions about podcasts:

#1) What are podcasts?

They are downloadable digital files that can be in either audio or video format. They are generally produced episode by episode and are often referred to as “online radio shows.” Check out blogtalkradio to see what people are podcasting about. I saw over 1,400 podcasts in the Business category alone today.

#2) How often do you need to produce a new one?

As often as you wish; some businesses do one every day, some once  a week or only monthly.

#3) Are they expensive to produce?

No, they are very inexpensive to create.

#4) Are  they difficult to produce?

No, all that is required is a USB microphone or a regular telephone.

#5) How long should a podcast be?

They can be whatever length you want. It all depends on the topic and its purpose.

#6) How do people know when you’ve done a new episode?

Everyone who is subscribing to your RSS feed will be automatically notified. They can then download it from the site where it’s located.

#7) Where can they listen to the podcast?

They can listen on their tablet, iPod, iPad, desktop or laptop.

#8) What are podcasts about?

You can create podcasts on any topic; you’ll most likely create them as they relate to your business niche.

#9) How are they best used?

They are excellent pre-selling tools. For instance, you might get your prospects to sign up by offering a 7- part series on “How to make $1,000 a day.”

You’ll need an attention-grabbing title that encourages signups. After the series is done, you can leave your podcasts up on your site where any visitor can download them.

You might also recycle your written blog content into audio or video formats and then use those as a podcast.

Podcasts can be part of your paid product. If you have a membership site, you need new content each month. A podcast would be an excellent addition to your membership site.

#10) How can you make the podcast more interesting?

Rather than just talking yourself on every episode, you might want to interview guest experts related to your niche to keep your content fresh.

The takeaway is podcasts can be an excellent method to get customers. Keep them interesting with intriguing titles and occasionally interviewing guests and you should increase your email subscriber list.



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P.P.S. Here is a link to a past blog I did on podcasting.

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