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It’s so important for a coach to get started on the right foot with every new client (every time).
You’ve got to gather their info, make them feel like you know what you’re doing right from the start, and set expectations for ethics, payments, confidentiality, and so much more.
That’s a lot of work, right? Not any more. There’s a “New Client Kit: A Stress-Free Start to A Successful Coaching Experience Every Time” that will take a lot of the work off your hands and make you look like the pro that you are.   
–> Check it out here (only $17 through the 28th of May)
The 17 forms (.doc version) that you’ll get in this package include: 
  1. Welcome Letter: 
  2. Payment Arrangements Form
  3. Client Invoice
  4. Coaching Success Guidelines
  5. Coaching Agreement
  6. Intake Form
  7. Ongoing Precall Form
  8. Client Call Notes
  9. Monthly Review Form
  10. Business Goals Worksheet
  11. *NEW* How Coaching Works
  12. *NEW* Code of Ethics
  13. *NEW* Confidentiality Agreement
  14. *NEW* How to Hold Me Accountable
  15. *NEW* How to Prepare for a Coaching Session:
  16. *NEW* My Coaching History Form
  17. *NEW* Referral Request

The best part? You can download them all for only $1 each. 🙂 

– -> Click here to get more efficient and effective in your coaching today!

You’ll immediately receive the 17 forms in .doc format, so you can add your logo, customize the instructions, add fields and tweak it as much (or as little) as you’d like. 

Thank YOU and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day!

To Your Success,


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