Slugs, Bugs & Spiders


There are three types of web site owners today: slugs, bugs, and spiders.

These people build a nice looking website, put it out into cyber space, and hope that something will happen…and guess what? Nothing does!

These website owners build nice sites, and NEVER stop working on them. They add every new widget that comes out, and they waste way too much time trying every new trick they hear about while failing to serve their customers (or their bank account).

Now the spiders are cautious… they build a nice site but only add and expand their site carefully, modeling their actions after someone else who has a proven system that works – and they only do things that are EASY!

And while the bugs run in circles getting nowhere and the slugs are left in the dust – slowly, the spider spreads his web all over the internet and search engines, customers,and the media get caught in the web again and again.

My friend Ronnie Nijmeh… he’s a spider.

Just in the past 12 months, he’s landed national TV spots, radio interviews, and 5 different magazine write-ups. 23,000 people come to his site each month, and he created all of this using PLR content.

And get this:

He did all this through working smarter, not harder, like a cautious spider, he’s spun a web that’s literally impossible to escape…

… luckily he’s a nice guy:)

Here’s where I’m going with this: PLR (private label rights) is the secret to Ronnie’s online success, and I think it would downright foolish if you didn’t at least give his exclusive membership site a test drive right now.

And to sweeten the deal (as if this isn’t already sweet!), each month Ronnie does a Mastermind Call for members-only where he reveals his deepest secrets about his success…and he shows you step-by-step how you can do it too. Plus, get answers to your most burning business or technical questions.

Here’s what you do:

1. Sign up for a trial month of PLR.me here: http://www.wordprocessingplus.com/graphics

2. Get instant access to his private vault of PLR content.

3. Use the content immediately to explode your traffic and profits.

Spread your web, spider… but don’t delay!


P.S. Are you a slug, bug or spider?

It’s time to take action: http://www.wordprocessingplus.com/graphics

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