Tasks to Delegate to a Virtual Assistant


Over the next few weeks I’ll be offering you a list of tasks you should consider delegating to a virtual assistant. The tasks most often delegated include those that are:

  • Repetitive in nature
  • Tasks that do NOT require YOUR expertise to complete
  • Tasks you may not like to complete or hate to do
  • Menial or low-thought items
  • Scheduled items which require someone to remember to do them on a daily, weekly or monthly basis

Here are some basic tasks you might consider delegating:

  1. Data entry
  2. Sending thank you notes, holiday cards and other correspondence to your clients and colleagues
  3. Preparing mailing labels and envelopes for a direct mail campaign
  4. Doing internet research for projects you are working on
  5. Gathering testimonials from your customers to use on your website
  6. Embedding links into your PDF files to make customized reports for your customers and affiliates
  7. Typing up letters, memos, reports, etc.
  8. Screening your email, deleting spam and responding to inquiries
  9. Listening to and summarizing your voice mail messages
  10. Preparing a PowerPoint presentation for your product/service showcase

Word Processing Plus can help you with any or all of the above tasks. If you’d like help with any of the above tasks, email Sue at sue@wordprocessingplus.com

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