Techy Whole Family Gifts for the Holidays


Gift boxIt can get costly to buy individual gifts for every person in your family tree. Cut costs by buying “whole family presents”–one gift that every family member will enjoy.

Here are some whole family gift ideas to get you started from high-end tech to low-tech items. To make it even more economical for you, you might consider a 30-day FREE trial of Amazon Prime to get 2-day free shipping. 

HD Tablet and E-reader. The new Kindle Fire HD (and high powered HDX) 7-inch tablet is ideal for a whole family gift. My husband bought himself the HDX and really loves it! I have the 1st generation Kindle Fire and there is quite a difference in the display between it and the HD version. The Kindle Fire is more than an e-Reader. It’s a tablet computer with a stunning HD display, screaming fast processor, and much longer battery life than earlier Kindles. You can check your email, play games, listen to your favorite tunes, read books, and watch movies on it. Check out the optional Kindle FreeTime for Kids Unlimited ($2.99 month with Amazon Prime) to make it a better whole family present (especially great if you have young children).

Nintendo Wii U. This is way more than just a game box. Its interactivity and ease of use makes for a great gaming experience for the entire family. It’s a great party console and brings families and friends together to play multiplayer games on a great system.

Digital Photo Frame. This is one of the best ways, in my opinion, to show off your family photos. Check out the NIX 8″ X08D Digital Photo Frame with Motion Sensor. You can purchase a 4GB USB memory drive for about $6 to work with this. This will hold lots of photos and videos and you can load your MP3 music on here too. Under $60 with free shipping.

Movie Tickets. Buy tickets (or gift cards) for the whole family and you’re done. Many theaters discount tickets when you buy in quantity or check out carries tickets to 20 national theater chains (including AMC and Marcus), starting at $7 each. Use coupon code WORDPLUS at Amazon Checkout to get free shipping on any movie ticket order. Don’t forget to take advantage of their snack packs and bundles, which include popcorn and drink vouchers to save at the concession stand. These passes never expire, so you can stock up and save lots of money.

I hope this list helps you with your last-minute shopping.



P.S. Here’s an all-around way to save money when shopping online, sign up here to get discount codes AND get a percentage of what you spend back at a variety of online stores (even Amazon and Groupon).

P.P.S. Today (December 18) is National Free Shipping Day at many online retailers! Another way to save on your holiday shopping!

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