Tiny Evergreen Income Streams – Realistic Passive Income [1-3 hour set-up]


Do you remember when making money online was easy or at least easier?

You didn’t need a PHD to work out Facebook, G+, YouTube, SEO and you didn’t need to worry about what Google might spring on you next. Nope, back then you could have working income streams set up in hours, and dare I say it, it was pretty easy!

Today the whole ‘Make Money Online’ thing has become really complicated – when it should actually be easy… But believe it or not; it can still be easy!

If you strip away all the bells and whistles ‘Making Money Online’ amounts to just 2 simple components:

An audience looking for a solution/ product & a high quality solution/ product which satisfies the needs of the audience

Sure you already knew that, right? And I’m sure you know all about being the ‘Middle Man’ too.

Being an affiliate is perfect… you simply position yourself between the hungry audience and the high quality solution and start collecting a percentage for referring a sale.

I know… this is all basic stuff, and you already know all about affiliate marketing… If only it was that simple!

Well, believe it or not it can be simple if you follow the training inside iiStores and apply the included software…

iiStores Pro

Now before I say another thing, let me tell you that this is not one of those ‘Get Rich Quick’ things. iiStores are tiny little evergreen income streams which take just 1-3 hours to set up – cost $20 each and make an average of $20 a day.

$20 a day? It’s hardly worth mentioning!… But remember each project only takes around 2 hours and then all the work is complete, but you continue to make money for months, even years from those 1-3 hours.

Do the math…

Can you see the potential?

iiStores Pro

To Your Success

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