How to use your content and why you should transcribe it


So you just held your first teleconference, interview, podcast or webinar OR maybe you have a lot of audio files built up but they are just sitting in a database doing nothing. Your VA (Virtual Assistant) can edit your audios into products, podcasts or maybe an online radio program. Most audios just need a nice intro/outro (music) and slight editing. Then you can sell these audios on your website.

Maybe you just want to have the audio file(s) turned into a Word or PDF document so you can use that content in an e-book, report, articles or blog posts for your website . You don’t have the time, expertise or equipment to do it yourself — what do you do? Let your VA transcribe it for you!

There are many benefits to transcribing your files. You can pass the transcribed file on to your listeners (as a freebie, added benefit or at an extra charge) or to the ones who couldn’t make it to the teleconference. You could package it with the audio and sell it as an info product.

You can also utilize bits and pieces of the transcribed document as blog posts on your website or create articles you can submit to article directories. You can create an e-book with some of this material to sell on Amazon for use on a Kindle e-reader (one of the hottest technology products today).

Things to know:

  • Decide which format you want the final product in and share it with your VA; i.e., Word or PDF.
  • Decide how you want the spacing and other formatting
  • House your audios in one place like Audio Acrobat. You should do this so as not to accrue bandwidth fees on your hosting.

Word Processing Plus specializes in transcription. Just email Sue at sue@wordprocessingplus.com to get started!

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