Who Wouldn’t Like to be 10 Years Thinner?


The book, Ten Years Thinner, touts 6 weeks to a leaner, younger-looking you and No GYM Required! The author, Christine Lydon, M.D., writes and speaks about weight management, non-pharmaceutical alternatives and preventing disease for a longer life.

Her book includes a 6-week diet, workouts, 38 recipes, and even a chapter on Micronutrients that Keep you Lean and Wrinkle-Free. The exercise workout includes 16 different exercises and a 5-minute stretching routine which includes 7 different stretches with interesting names like tush-twists and pelicans.

I’ve included a few testimonials below:

“I’m never hungry. Sometimes I actually have trouble finishing the portions. I also never have cravings.” – Cathy, 31

“I lost 12 pounds in three weeks without craving junk food or feeling hungry between meals.” – Alex, 35

“The diet is very easy to follow and extremely versatile. If anything, it’s streamlined my eating.” – Laurie, 43

The book says, “With Ten Years Thinner, a thinner, younger, healthier-looking you is just weeks away!”

10 years thinner


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